Highlights from the Critical Thinking Webinar!


Did you miss the free live webinar on “Critical Thinking and Clinical Research – A Better Way”? Some key highlights of the training were:

  • What is critical thinking? To learn more about the seven critical thinking skills and how they relate to clinical research, sign up to view the recorded webinar here. DIGR-ACT® was built to support all of these.

  • Root Cause Analysis: There are many tools to find root cause, but they often lead down the wrong path, yielding inconsistent and ineffective results. For example, asking 5 Whys can result in different root cause depending on how the questions are asked, and what about other relevant questions such as who, what, where, when, and how?

  • Retraining: Is retraining the answer to noncompliance? Why do you think people speed? Is it because they do not know there is a speed limit and need to be retrained? There must be another reason! Retraining would not be effective for this issue. Results frequently show that lack of knowledge is not a root cause.

  • Now there is a better way! Are you accustomed to retraining as the solution to issues that matter and are unsure what to do next? DIGR-ACT® is a solution that supports confidence and decision making for effective issues actions selection. Going through the DIGR-ACT® steps guides you through the process to ask the right questions and effectively address the right issues.

Key benefits of DIGR-ACT® include:

  • State-of-the-art eLearning using clinical trial case scenarios

  • DIGR-ACT® Workbook Tool, Principles of Practice, & Glossary of Terms Documents

  • Knowledge Checks and Post Assessment Practice using the DIGR-ACT® Workbook with other clinical trial case scenarios

  • Certificate of Completion

  • Opportunity to join the exclusive DIGR-ACT® alumni LinkedIn Group to have access to the founders of DIGR-ACT®

DIGR-ACT® can be purchased as a single license for limited individual use, as a SCORM package for use in your LMS, or can be fully customized to your organization's requirements. After completion of DIGR-ACT®, customizable and scalable in-person training is available to practice and enforce learning objectives based upon your organizations’ training needs.

  • To learn more about the DIGR-ACT® Solution for issues that matter, click here.

  • Want to try an interactive demo of DIGR-ACT®? Click here.

  • To purchase the DIGR-ACT® interactive eLearning course, visit the eLearning store here.

- The Clinical Pathways Team

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