DIGR-ACT® Solution

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DIGR-ACT® Solution

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DIGR-ACT® is a process developed by industry experts to improve critical thinking skills in relation to clinical trials. It helps clinical trial team members manage issues and risks that matter, to dig through and map information to the root cause, then to come to valid conclusions on how to act effectively.

DIGR-ACT® is an exciting composite of well-tested approaches from other industries synthesized specifically for the clinical trial professional.

Course Length: 60 minutes


  • Unlimited access to the content for 30 consecutive days during a 90-day period from your initial day of purchase.

  • Certificate of completion

  • Case Study

  • Workbook Template

  • Principles of Practice document and Definitions

  • Post-Assesment

  • Knowledge Checks


  1. Describe how critical thinking is needed for managing risks and issues in clinical trials,

  2. Identify immediate actions and the need for further in-depth analysis, 

  3. Recognize the 6 categories of factors that when not supported cause poor performance,

  4. Perform better Root Cause Analysis (the DIGR part of the DIGR-ACT® solution) and be aware of the principles of practice, and

  5. Perform steps to act on the root cause(s), measure effectiveness and transfer knowledge (The ACT part of the DIGR-ACT® solution)


All clinical research personnel