Upcoming Webinar on Monitoring Considerations for Clinical Trials Using eConsent – March 8th


When: Thursday, March 8, 2018

Time: 11am New York/ 4pm London


Sandra “SAM” Sather, MS, BSN, CCRA, CCRC (Regulatory and Quality, CRF Health)

Elizabeth Weeks-Rowe, LVN, CCRA (Clinical Research Consultant)

Deborah Rosenbaum, CCRA, CCRC, FACRP (President, Sarrison Clinical Research)

Join us Thursday March 8th as Deborah, Elizabeth and SAM discuss the benefits of integrating eConsent into your consenting process as well as the benefits it has on monitoring and data integrity.  Sponsors have the responsibility of ensuring all subjects have been properly consented and which requires onsite visits from the sponsor’s monitor to manage the informed consent process.  These 3 are experts in informed consent and have decades of monitoring experience between them and will speak on the advantages of eConsent from their own personal experiences, as well as the challenges they have encountered throughout the years.

During this webinar, you will not only learn how to overcome key challenges, but you will learn how to:

  • Recognize how eConsent included in a clinical trial impacts monitoring processes and documentation
  • Learn how to enhance the monitoring process to save time, reduce costs, and boost efficiencies
  • Discover how data integrity and human subject protection is improved with an eConsent solution
  • Uncover what you should consider before your next clinical trial with eConsent

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Thank you,

- The Clinical Pathways Team

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