Upcoming Webinar on Vendor/CRO Oversight: How Effectively Are You Doing?


When: Thursday, February 1, 2018

Time: 11am EST/ 5pm EU CET

Speaker: Sandra “SAM” Sather, MS, BSN, CCRA, CCRC Expert (Clinical & Risk)

Join us Thursday February 1st as SAM gives insight on Vendor Oversight.  During this webinar, you will learn how to create strategies to provide adequate risk management and surveillance to reduce errors and non-compliance.  You will also learn:

  • The risks on high vendor dependency and approaches to self-reliance for reports
  • The need for vendor oversight from a regulatory perspective
  • The key KPIs for vendor oversight
  • How to link risks & metrics
  • How to provide proactive management of KPIs, risks, and compliance with technology

Interested? Click here to sign up: https://www.ddismart.com/webinar-registration-vendor-cro-oversight-how-effectively-are-you-doing

Thank you,

- The Clinical Pathways Team

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