Hiring New Clinical Researchers



In life, the purchase of a new car, or house, invokes feelings of excitement, potential value and sustainability.  Being new is positive thing, with infinite possibility.     

Whereas, in the clinical research industry, a new/inexperienced employee may invoke feelings of unease, and the investment of critical time and resources without prospective return. Wonderful possibility is not anticipated, rather, ability is questioned. This doubt forces the choice of experience over potential, on what is comfortable/predictable (such as the requisite two years of CRA experience for an entry level CRA position) over the unknown.

Exciting Announcement! “The CRC’s Guide to Coordinating Clinical Research, Fourth Edition” to be Released Soon



We are excited to announce Sandra “SAM” Sather’s most recent contribution to CenterWatch, “The CRC’s Guide to Coordinating Clinical Research, Fourth Edition,” will soon be released. The guidebook engages the learner by providing relevant information backed with regulatory sources, frequently asked Q&A, case studies, tools like logs and checklists, and sample forms and SOPs.