Exciting Announcement! “The CRC’s Guide to Coordinating Clinical Research, Fourth Edition” to be Released Soon


We are excited to announce Sandra “SAM” Sather’s most recent contribution to CenterWatch, “The CRC’s Guide to Coordinating Clinical Research, Fourth Edition,” will soon be released. The guidebook engages the learner by providing relevant information backed with regulatory sources, frequently asked Q&A, case studies, tools like logs and checklists, and sample forms and SOPs. The CRC guidebook can be an essential resource for investigators and site staff, as well as sponsors/CROs and monitors who want to support quality trials at the site level.

Updates specific to this edition include:

  • New responsibilities and requirements for investigators according to the updated GCP Guideline

  • Upcoming changes to the Common Rule for protections of human subjects

  • Updated HIPAA guidelines

  • References to new FDA guidance

  • Increased focus on globalization of clinical trials


“I am just in love with the clarity and ease of understanding all the material, acronyms, and information in the book.”

- Leonardo Ramos Leal, recent graduate from Clinical Research Fastrack

The Fourth Edition of “The CRC’s Guide to Coordinating Clinical Research” will be available August 15, 2019 through CenterWatch. Preorder now to learn about these important industry updates and how they affect your role.


- The Clinical Pathways Team

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