National Library of Medicine Releases Updated


In an effort to improve the user experience, the National Library of Medicine (NLM) released updates to on December 18, 2017. is a searchable database of publicly and privately funded clinical trials being conducted globally. The information is provided by Sponsors and Investigators, and a listing does not indicate the clinical trial has been evaluated by the United States Federal Government.

New features added to enhance the searchability of the database include:

  • Under the ‘Find a Study’ feature on the Homepage, users can search for studies that are:
    • Currently recruiting or not yet recruiting, and/or
    • Within a certain mile radius of a chosen city.
  • Allows users to modify a search to refine and narrow the data on the Search Results page using filters.
  • In Context Glossary feature finds definitions of terms without exiting the page being viewed.
  • New Results Submitted tab allows users to view the quality control review status of a new submission prior to publication on the site.
  • Key Record Dates link searches for when registration and results were first submitted and posted as well as the last update.
  • The Study Record layout was updated with a Go To link for relevant sections of records such as study design and outcome measures.

Additional changes are expected throughout 2018 and will be introduced on the What’s New page. Prior to implementation, the NLM will release Beta versions for public testing here. Users of can expect further enhancements as the NLM continues its mission to enhance the usability if the database.

- The Clinical Pathways Team

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