Join us tonight for a discussion on "How Does the Recent ICH-GCP E6 Update Affect YOU?"


Our own SAM Sather will be in the ACRP's Northern California chapter for a discussion of the guideline updates, impact assessment, and a scalable approach to implementation of ICH-GCP E6 R2. For more information click here.

Part of the discussion will be the purpose of ICH-GCP E6 which:

• Provides unified standard for: European Union, Japan, United States, Canada, and Switzerland

• Facilitate mutual acceptance by the regulatory authorities of data from clinical trials.

There will be a focus on ICH-GCP E6:

• Updating and clarifying standards for electronic records and essential documents

• Encourage sponsors to implement improved oversight and management of clinical trials

• Facilitate innovative approaches (QRM, QbD, technology) to clinical trials

Join us for a stimulating presentation that analyzes the new guideline.

Thank you!

-The Clinical Pathways Team