Help us address your top five Good Clinical Practices (GCP) questions!



Clinical Pathways is partnering with the Life Sciences Training Institute (LSTI) to present a comprehensive, 90 minute course on March 16th, from 1pm- 2:30 pm EST, where we will answer your top five GCP questions! 

Before we can run the course, we need your help!  Please submit your GCP-related questions using the survey links below.  

You can submit your questions in one of two ways:

1.) Fill out this brief anonymous survey (NOTE: This survey will close on February 8th


2.) Register through our system prior to taking the survey to receive a 10% off discount code!

Once you have completed the above submission: Access this link to register for the course, or find out more about it

Feel free to share this page with colleagues using the social icons on the right, or forwarding the link. Thanks for your help and we hope you can join us!