Times Are a Changing! Facilitation Skills Required for Managing Clinical Trials


Managing studies by centralized approaches requires the oversight be done to promote effective process improvement. Process facilitation is not an inherent skills set of managers of projects and studies can be defined as one who contributes structure and process to interactions so groups are able to function effectively and make high-quality decisions. Facilitation is not an inherent skill, but the essential soft skill for those that manage others (e.g., site, team and study management). This interactive session presents 2 key types of facilitation: content vs. process. Many that manage the performance of others are primarily trained in only one.

In Clinical research, having a balance of both is essential in the new paradigm of quality risk-based approaches and ensuring the use and promotion of critical thinking for success in the clinical research setting. Many tools/templates are supplied for application and practice after the session. Participant Learner’s Objectives: -Describe the role of facilitation in clinical research risk-based mindset -Practice core skills related to content and process facilitation -Apply facilitation techniques in clinical trials for different stakeholder needs: research sites, sponsors/CROs