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As more and more data are being made available, there is a lack of understanding how to use the data effectively to make better decisions. Our teams need to think critically rather than simply react or ignore. The current tools available for Clinical Trial Professionals do not yield consistent and effective results. Is re-training always the answer when issues are unearthed? Want to know how to dig down to the cause and act on it?

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DIGR-ACT® is a solution for those looking to improve their critical thinking skills in relation to clinical trials. It helps learners manage issues and risks that matter, to dig through and map information to root cause, then to come to valid conclusions on how to act effectively. It uses the latest in intereactive e-learning as you take the wrong road with analysis of an issue in a clinical trial and end up in frustration at a dead end through re-training. Have a go following the right road as you use the DIGR-ACT® solution and see where it takes you!

It’s developed by industry experts and is a new and an exciting composite of well-tested approaches from other industries synthesized specifically for the Clinical Trial Professional. The e-learning includes:

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  • State-of-the-art elearning using clinical trial case scenarios

  • DIGR-ACT® Workbook Template

  • Principles of Practice & Glossary of Terms Document

  • Knowledge Checks and Post Assessment

  • Practice using the DIGR-ACT® Workbook with another clinical trial case scenario

  • Certificate of Completion

  • Opportunity to join the exclusive DIGR-ACT® alumni LinkedIn Group to have access to the founders of DIGR-ACT®

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