5 Whys

Introducing the DIGR-ACT® Solution! Part 2



What does ‘I’ stand for?

You have probably heard of the Five Whys approach to getting to root cause. ‘Why’ is a good question to ask - but not until you've dug around for more information first. After all, you are soon to find additional questions, such as: When did the problem start?  - and - Where exactly is the problem? The ‘I’ step in the DIGR-ACT® solution helps through ‘Is - Is Not’ questions. They can help lead you to define the issue better but may also point you in the direction of the root causes.

Bye Bye to the Five Whys?!



Do you ever wonder why people are not doing what you expect? How do you figure out what went wrong and what constraints are getting in the way of everything working as it should? You may have heard that you need to ask the right question, or even about the five whys. But if you have used the 5 Whys before, have you noticed that you are not confident in the results? There is a better solution to getting to root cause in a more reproducible way, to developing actions and implementing them.